Real vs hyperreal vs surreal

  1. Choose a “realistic” recording, one that accurately represents the sound of people performing live. It could be an actual live recording, or a studio recording with a live sound. What makes it sound realistic?
    This is a “realistic” recording of Jimmy Buffett performing “Margaritaville.”  It sounds realistic with the imbalance of instruments to vocals and the quality of the vocals–for example, the backup singer is pretty loud and unbalanced with Buffett’s mic.

  2. I think this is a “hyperrealistic” recording of Sum41 performing “Fat Lip.”  They do play live. But it is enhanced in the recording studio because everything is well-balanced.  And also from seeing them live, the vocals are definitely enhanced a bit.

  3. The “surrealist” recording I chose was Daft Punk’s “One More Time.”  It’s made up of samples and autotuned vocals.  If one was to try to recreate it with live instruments, it won’t have the same effect as these enhanced vocals and spliced samples.


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