Mobile Song Process

For my mobile song, I used GarageBand on my iPhone.  It was definitely an interesting, slightly frustrating experience, but I caught on to the process in the end.
Because of the limited viewing space of my phone, I had to get used to the fact that I did not have to drag multiple loops out like on the computer.  It was interesting getting to play around with the different loops.  I went through so many different combinations before finding loops that went well together and were also easy enough to manipulate through.  Another interesting little challenge was discovering that the loops just repeat themselves and I had to press the next sequence manually.
The first loop I used was a Day time synth, then I added a beat to it with the same progression found in an octave lower loop.  To add a little brightness, I added a brass loop.  Then to change it up, I added a bass line, a different synth and a different beat.  What ended up being fun was getting to manually add and take away the different instruments when I felt like it.  So as I was recording, it made me kind of see the point of view of live DJ performers–You have beats going and it’s up to you how to change it up live.  There was no preset way to record that I could find, I had to manually change up the sequence on the spot.  This was a good challenge to learn and I definitely look forward to experimenting more with mobile Garageband.


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