Peer Remix

For my peer remix, I chose Hope’s first Loop Song.  I liked it for it’s chill feel, and thought I could add more to it to help set more of a beat to it.

When the pan flutes come in, I wanted to add extra percussion to it to really add to the groove.  There are some high hats and claps going on in the original song, but I think adding a drum loop with bass drum hits helped.  I used the Drums-Rock 8ths and sticks as the first new layer to the pan flute part.

When I was first listening to it for the remix, I personally wanted to hear more beats and melody before the breakdown.  So I repeated another section of the first theme before the breakdown because I thought the extra time with full sound would make the breakdown a little more effective.  For the repeated section, I wanted to try to flesh it out a bit more by adding the Beat-808 Deep Electro 1 loop, which had both high and low timbres to add to the section.

I spliced and rearranged some of the themes for after the breakdown and took out the guitar part–mainly because I feel like it wasn’t working with where I was going with the remix. One last addition I made towards the end was the SFX EDM Build-Up Snare 9 to add a little nice chromatic transition and to add a little difference to it.


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