Found Sound Song Process

For my Found Sound song, I used my own phone recording of taking something out of its wrapping and warming it in the microwave.  There were some elements of the recording that I thought could use as different percussive sounds.

First I thought the unwrapping sound could portray a sort of vinyl scratch sound (although on the uploaded version on SoundCloud, I realize I should have lowered the volume of that track even more).  Then I thought the thumping sound of putting the box back in the freezer had a natural beat to it, so I figured I’d start the song off with it too.  Then I played with a fade in from the bass line to go into another beat.  Over this I added the microwave beep sounds to add a high timbre part.
In the middle section, I used the sound of the microwave opening and closing to add a little percussive sound to the rhodes section.

All in all, this was a bit difficult for me because I had trouble finding instrumentation that I liked to better fit the microwave sounds.  The SoundTrap limitations were a bit frustrating and made me wish I had a Mac to get access to GarageBand’s many loops.  I think this could be one I could personally remix when I have more time.


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