Loop Song Process

This song was pretty fun to do.  Using a limited amount of loops is pretty great for musical creativity because you have to think outside the box to get these repetitive loops to work really well together and think of ways to change them up to add variety.

Loops used on Soundtrap:

  1. Beat – 808 Basic Electro Funk: I first went to look for a good beat, mostly because I thought it would be easier to work around one.  I chose this particular beat because it was a chill groove with not too much going on. I figured that I could find more exciting sounding loops in the other instruments.
  2. Electric Guitar – Riff 5:  The next thing I searched for was a guitar loop.  The electric ones sounded fun, but this particular loop I thought sounded the best with the beat.
  3. Bass – Allraw Bass ST:  This bass I thought was good with the previous loops chosen and one that I thought I would be able to alter a bit for the bridge of the song.  I also liked the last part of the loop, which ended up turning to be a great transitional solo into the more filling sections of the song.
  4. Synth – Daysorch ST: Like the bass loop, I thought this was a nice simple loop to be able to alter for the last parts of the song.
  5. Drums – Alt Beat:  I originally was going to stick with the first four loops.  But then wanted to add a bit of drums just to find one that had a bit of a fill at the end, which worked for transitions into different sections.  It also gave me a way to switch up beats for the different sections, so it wasn’t the continuous beat loop throughout the song.

Structurally, I kept in mind the verse-chorus form.  This structure is:
Intro-V1-Chorus1-V2-Chorus2-Bridge/Breakdown-Final Chorus-Outro.
I started out with the beat and bass as the intro, but liked the spliced up synth.  Then I originally added the electric guitar as the “verse,” but changed it to the synth because I thought the guitar would be more exciting as the chorus.  I filled out the structure with the full loops, then moved to splice things up to make it more interesting.  The synth was an obvious split for me.  The bass I found to be an interesting thing to splice up, especially for the breakdown part.  Overall, I thought this was a fun, yet challenging project.


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