Favorite Song/Least Favorite Song

*Favorite Song*

I don’t really listen to the radio that much anymore, so I just thought of an older radio song that I don’t mind listening to even today.
What I like about Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is that even though it still has a lot of repetition, the repetition is layered in various, interesting ways that draws the listener in.  The beat they use drives the song, there is a mix of dynamic throughout the song, and I feel that Lady Gaga actually puts feeling and effort into her singing.

*Song I Dislike*
Uggghhhhh, this is one song that I absolutely hate.  Ignoring the fact that I am older than the intended demographic and generally just cannot stand Justin Bieber, this song is one of the laziest, most generic songs ever made. The lyrics and melody don’t appeal to me, the beat does nothing for the song, everything about it is just one continuous stream of boring.  There is no variety in dynamic, Ludacris’ rap over that generic beat makes it seem extra ridiculous, and the chorus is the dumbest one I have ever heard.  They use repetition just to fill in space and it just feels like there was no effort at all.  That is the type of repetition that annoys me to no end.  At least with Lady Gaga’s song, like I said before, they made the effort to use repetition in various ways, which draws and keeps my interest.


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